Xmas Dash
Xmas Dash
Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash is an unlimited adventure game set in the atmosphere of a peaceful Christmas Eve in a small town. Players will take on the role of Santa Claus and perform challenging missions. Beautiful gifts are waiting for you to collect to get trophies for the kids. The journey will not be easy when obstacles are always there to hinder players.

On the snow-covered road, Xmas Dash has spikes and continuous platforms that make the round more spectacular. The game is inspired by the popular Geometry Dash series, which has a similar map design. Players need to have sharp reactions and lightning-fast control operations to be able to keep up with the pace of the round.

The unique features

  • All objects in Xmas Dash's map are identical to those that appear in Geometry Dash. Their properties are also kept from the original game.
  • A Christmas theme with a 2-star difficulty level is ideal. You can both experience a peaceful atmosphere and still be able to handle situations during the journey.
  • Items with unique characteristics of the Christmas theme, such as pine trees, candy canes, stockings, sweets, and so on.

How To Play

Gamers navigate the Santa Cube jumping on platforms and flying through space with the reindeer sleigh to overcome various obstacles. The character's status will change to match the terrain design. Players need to clearly understand the operating principles of each shape to have a reasonable strategy.

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