Up and Down Colors Game
Up and Down Colors Game
Up and Down Colors Game

Up and Down Colors Game

Up And Down Colors Game combines speed and flexible ability of gamers. In this game, You will control a circular entity to avoid obstacles on the way. Your goal is to avoid colliding with the pillars on either side of the terrain. Items that appear on the map, such as glowing orbs, will help you increase your score. Additionally, when moving through a spider web, the speed of the main object will decrease. Furthermore, try to collect protective shields that can keep the sphere safe for a short time.

Obstacles in Up And Down Colors Game

  • Spider web
  • Poles
  • Night

Items That Help You Win

  • Shield: it will protect you from hitting the poles
  • Light: make your way lighter
  • Spider web: slow you down

How To Play

  • Click on the screen to make the giant spot move between two sides of the terrain (up and down). 
  • No need to collect everything you see on the map. The most important goal is to travel as far as possible.
  • The farther you go, the more points you get and the faster your speed will be.