The Patagonians
The Patagonians
The Patagonians

The Patagonians

The Patagonians is an adventure game in the dark forest. Dangers are waiting, and the most unexpected situations can happen. You won't know if you don't explore it. Control a character on his way to find his daughter; your task is to overcome all obstacles and puzzles on the way to continue. The thorns are extremely difficult. Are you confident and calm enough to handle it all? Don't worry too much because there are still a few weapons to help the character defend itself. The tense and nervous atmosphere at every step can send chills down your spine. Be ready to face and adapt quickly to situations.

Explore the plot

On his daughter's birthday, her father gave her a surprise. Suddenly, something made him fall asleep for a moment. The lights turned on and off inexplicably for a moment, but the father didn't pay attention. Holding the birthday cake in his hand, he entered his daughter's room with a congratulatory song. However, the father discovered that his daughter had disappeared. Thinking that the girl had been kidnapped into that dark forest, the father decided to set out to find his child, and the experience with The Patagonians began.

How To Play

Gamers navigate the character with the following keys:

  • Press the A or D keys to go left or right on the screen.
  • Tap the spacebar to jump.
  • Press the Shift key to run (need to combine it with a command from the left or right side).
  • Use the E key to take action.
  • The Q key to healing.
  • Click the mouse to strike.

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