Temple Run: Dark Forest
Temple Run: Dark Forest
Temple Run: Dark Forest

Temple Run: Dark Forest

Temple Run: Dark Forest is an adventure game in a forest full of deadly dangers. Players control a character to participate in the round. The top obstacles in the track are objects that often appear in jungle environments, such as rocks, tree stumps, bushes, etc. The terrain in this game is also extremely tricky, with sudden turns, endless holes, broken roads, and so on. The main setting is still the roads in the forest. Besides, it has short segments where players will participate in challenges on other tracks, such as tunnels or other dark locations. In addition, collecting items will also help you unlock special features.

How To Play

Gamers control the character to avoid obstacles, collect items, and traverse different terrains using the following commands:

  • UP arrow: jump up
  • DOWN arrow: slide down
  • LEFT arrow: turn left
  • RIGHT arrow: turn right

Note that the timing of executing the command button is very important because the character will only perform the action for a short time.