Temple Run 2: Holi Festival
Temple Run 2: Holi Festival
Temple Run 2: Holi Festival

Temple Run 2: Holi Festival

Temple Run 2: Holi Festival is a classic running game with engaging gameplay and unique terrain. An ape is chasing the game's main character in the specified area. Your task is to assist this intrepid traveler in covering as much ground as possible. There are going to be a lot of difficulties on the track, like burned-out highways, sharp turns, long tree branches, barriers in the way, deadly fires, and more. All take place in the colorful scenery of bustling festivals. Every time the entity encounters a barrier, you will have to restart the round.

In this game, there are primarily three kinds of terrain: a track in a forest, a long stream segment, a vehicle section of a long tunnel, which make up the atmosphere of the Holi Festival. Furthermore, players must concentrate on obtaining useful items like magnets and shields, as well as items like blocks with golden diamonds. Players' gold coin collection is shown by the yellow bar on the right side of the screen. As the bar fills up, it becomes blue, allowing players to level up the character. Furthermore, players can use extra points to swap out the main entity.

How To Play

The explorer will launch immediately on its own. To control the character's mobility, use these instructions.

  • UP arrow: to jump up
  • DOWN arrow: to slide down
  • LEFT arrow: go or lean left
  • RIGHT arrow: go or lean right

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