Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a classic running game with attractive gameplay and unique terrain. The game's setting is that the main character is chased by an ape. The player's mission is to help this adventurer run as far as possible. On the track, there will be a number of challenges, such as demolished roads, sharp turns, stretching tree branches, structures blocking the road, deadly fires, and so on. Every time the object collides with an obstacle, you will have to re-enter the round from the beginning.

Temple Run 2 has three main terrains: a track in the forest, a stream segment, and a vehicle section in a long tunnel. Besides, players should pay attention to collecting items such as golden diamond blocks and helping features such as protective shields, magnets, etc. The number of gold coins gamers collect is tracked in the yellow bar on the right side of the screen. When this bar is full, it turns blue, and players can give the character a boost. In addition, players can use bonus points to change the main character.

How To Play

The explorer will automatically run straight forward. You use the following commands to direct the character's movement:

  • UP arrow: to jump up
  • DOWN arrow: to slide down
  • LEFT arrow: go or lean left
  • RIGHT arrow: go or lean right

Note that the character will perform the above actions with a single press. Except for brief jumps and slides, the left or right command will remain until another direction command is given.

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