Tall Man Evolution
Tall Man Evolution
Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution is an addictive running game with puzzle and obstacle course experiences. Playing as a tall and thin person initially, players will need to control the character to move to the bright walls. There are two types of walls, corresponding to the colors and calculations that appear on them:

  • Blue: Good scores. Gamers direct the character to move through to increase the score.
  • Red: In contrast to the function of blue, they will take away your score when the main entity passes through.

So, are there any cases where two walls of the same color appear at the same time? Of course you do, and your goal is to take action that will best benefit your score. For example, given the appearance of two blue walls with the characters +10 and +50, a more reasonable choice would be +50. On the other hand, if two red lights appear, you need to choose the smaller number to lose fewer points.

How To Play

  • Tall Man Evolution features character resizing. According to the score you have, the character will expand or shrink.
  • Accurate and reasonable time alignment. Math problems can appear constantly, and you need to find a safe solution as quickly as possible.
  • Obstacle course challenge. Not only do they need to solve puzzles, but gamers also have to face tricky obstacles.
  • Attractive jumping feature. To overcome continuous barriers, players maneuver the main entity to the location of jumping pads to overcome difficult terrain.
  • Multi-level game. Rounds with higher difficulty will appear immediately after you successfully reach the finish line in the previous round.


You use the mouse to navigate the character's movement direction.

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