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Survivor io

Survivor Io is a dramatic fighting game with exciting battles and strange enemies. The zombie apocalypse is approaching, but they still want to expand their community. Playing the role of a warrior, you will use the most modern weapons to defeat mutated objects. With the nature of an exploration and survival game. The images in this challenge appear with funny shapes instead of scary ones.

Survivor Io stands out from other games of the same genre due to its extremely impressive item system. With a variety of different types of accessories, such as weapons, armor, and some other support equipment. Players can use in-game coins to purchase these items. The price will be equivalent to the power they bring. Explore all of these amazing abilities and make your battles easier than ever.

How To Play

Players control a warrior character; each location will need its own brave warrior to confront the zombies. These destinations require the completion of missions in previous rounds to unlock.

The number of enemies is countless, but fortunately, the character will automatically activate weapons to destroy them. Gamers direct the entity's movements to be able to shoot down as many strange creatures as possible. This army will become more and more dangerous, putting you in a difficult situation. Try to survive as long as possible! Check out some tips to help you master your round.

To Become A Hero

  • Upgrade the character and equipment as soon as possible. These abilities will help the warrior become stronger and kill many zombies in a short time.
  • Try to collect coins to upgrade.
  • Move continuously to avoid being surrounded by zombies.
  • Participate in some of the game's random events to receive additional rewards.

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