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Super RunCraft

Super Runcraft is a running game that takes place in the renowned Minecraft universe. Our protagonist, Noob, embarks on an adventure through a labyrinthine forest that is beset by a series of perils. Navigate your Noob while avoiding obstacles such as trees and boulders as you traverse each spike. Due to the infinite runner nature of the game, each player will have a singular playthrough without the opportunity for a second chance. Automatically increasing the pace will test the player's limits. It is entirely up to the dexterity of your digits and eyes to surmount the situation.

There are six characters in total in the game. With the exception of the default Noob character for new users, the unlockable amounts for the remaining characters are as follows: 200 coins, 350 coins, and 500 coins. Engaging in a multitude of character unlocks will provide you with memorable gaming experiences.

Obstacles and how to overcome them

  • Rocks  and low obstacle: jump to pass
  • Higher thorns: slide
  • Trees: avoid to another line

How To Play

Use arrow keys to play this game

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