Santa Run
Santa Run
Santa Run

Santa Run

Santa Run is a running game on endless tracks. The setting is a wonderful Christmas season with a beautiful snowy scene. You will play the role of Santa Claus and do a noble mission - catching robbers. Some evil person is trying to steal precious coins and is trying to escape. Players control the character running on tracks, trains, bridges, etc. and avoiding dangerous barriers.

With Santa Run, don't forget to collect items that appear on the track to gain impressive achievements. In addition to delicious candy canes, there is also the appearance of an accessibility feature. These types of tools can help your Santa have special abilities such as jumping high, running quickly through things, and so on.

How To Play

The main character in Santa Run will move automatically in the direction of the main track. Players use the following commands to control Santa with different activities:

  • UP arrow: jump up.
  • DOWN arrow: slide down.
  • LEFT arrow: turn left.
  • RIGHT arrow: turn right.

Some notes for your journey

  • Train cars without moving boards will not allow the character to jump on.
  • Barriers with space at the bottom come in two types: those with an “X” sign and those with thin barriers. While you can jump over the type with a thin barrier, the other type requires you to slide down.
  • There's no need to try to collect all the coins you see if you're having trouble with the main track.

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