Over Rooftops
Over Rooftops
Over Rooftops

Over Rooftops

Over Rooftops is an obstacle course game on city rooftops. Playing as a kitten, you will need to continuously run across different rooftops to collect delicious fish. At the same time, strange creatures and some night thieves will block your progress. Jump to avoid them, or directly attack enemies to defeat them and continue your endless adventure.

Explore the gameplay

In Over Rooftops, your character will need to run, roll, jump, and slide across different terrain on tricky rooftops. Quests will appear continuously to cheer up your spirit with valuable prizes upon completion. Ready for endless journeys and to uncover the mysteries of the city? Don't forget to use your character's powers to eliminate annoying people who get in the way.

Besides, each round, your character will have two lives. As for the second life, gamers have the right to refuse to use it and start a new round. The terrain will change with each replay, so it is difficult to predict. The only way is to practice regularly to improve sharp reflexes and conquer roads of impressive length.

How To Play

  • The RIGHT arrow: increase speed.
  • The LEFT arrow: reduce speed.
  • The UP arrow: to jump up.
  • Press the X key: to meow (attack the enemies).

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