Only Up Obby
Only Up Obby
Only Up Obby

Only Up Obby

Only Up Obby is ready to capture your attention with its distinct visual style, full of uniqueness and a no-lose game. Familiar images in the city appear realistically with the most meticulous details. Gamers play as a boy and can do anything you can in this open city. Visit around, but don't forget your main mission.

Players can see a timer displayed on Only Up Obby's screen. That's right, this is a game that challenges both of you. There are no cut-off points on floating platforms, so how do you calculate your score? Don't worry; you can compare challenges with each other through time and altitude. For example, today you can climb 30m in one minute, and the next day you can climb 50m at the same time.

Beyond the Climb

In addition to the main task of jumping on platforms, players can also explore many other features in Only Up Obby.

  • The extremely pleasant background music creates a comfortable, stress-free feeling during an impressive adventure.
  • There are no requirements attached. In this game, you just need to explore and jump. Don't bother too much with trying to find something to decode.
  • Connecting with the in-game community is also an effective way to share achievements and tips that can help improve your scores.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Move the mouse to look around.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.

Players will notice that the character's gaze direction will be the main straight direction. Also, before jumping onto the next platform, be careful to look in all directions so you don't miss it. It would be a pity to fall to the ground after reaching a respectable height.

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