Only Up Mine
Only Up Mine
Only Up Mine

Only Up Mine

Only Up Mine will take you to a beautiful world with the challenge of conquering a towering tower. The unique sandbox design makes the things appearing in the game more colorful. Players will choose one of three available characters to begin the journey. In addition, you can also watch a short advertisement to unlock skins for your favorite character. Any primary entity will do; the journey will depend entirely on your own skills.

Overview of the Key Features

  • Minecraft-inspired world with parkour gameplay from Only Up.
  • A vertical adventure in the shape of a towering tower.
  • Store round results. You can track this index in the "records" section on Only Up Mine's homepage screen.
  • Endless exploration with never-ending experiences (unless you actively want to stop to rest).

How To Play

Only Up Mine has similar gameplay to other Only Up games but has more familiar elements from Minecraft. Players guide the character up steps of different shapes, avoid obstacles, and collect items. In addition, with the special nature of Minecraft, you can also build other structures to easily overcome challenges.

The higher the game terrain, the more difficult it becomes with the appearance of barriers and dangerous enemies. Gamers need to have good skills and the right strategy to be ready to face these tasks.

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