Only Up 3D
Only Up 3D
Only Up 3D

Only Up 3D

Only Up 3D is a fun platform game focused on overcoming parkour challenges. Players control a brave character capable of jumping, sliding, and climbing on suspended stairs. Besides, obstacles will also occasionally appear, making your journey more difficult.

Only Up 3D offers the experience of a game with no losses and no limits. Players challenge the excellent navigation skills to overcome different types of terrain. Some steps will be quite easy to navigate until the steps are low and wide. However, for long distances, you must take advantage of your character's climbing feature.

The Unique Features

  • Beautiful 3D graphics in cartoon style create a realistic scene in the beautiful city.
  • Exciting and arduous parkour challenges challenge gamers' patience.
  • The sound is not too noisy; it is just enough for you to have the most comfortable feeling when participating in this game.
  • The gameplay is not difficult to understand but also presents certain difficulties in aligning jump points.
  • Forget the familiar outfit! Now, you can change your character's outfit by going to bright blue spots.

How To Play

Players control the main character in Only Up 3D by using the arrow keys to move. Additionally, you can move the mouse to look around and press the spacebar to jump up.

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