Mostly Only Up!
Mostly Only Up!
Mostly Only Up!

Mostly Only Up!

Mostly Only Up! is an endless high jumping game with unique terrain and unlimited experiences. The game round is set in a vast desert, with explorers making their journey to conquer impressive heights. What do you think about a destination 677 km above the ground? The challenge is extremely difficult and requires the most professional skills from players. Don't pay attention to other participants; they won't affect your round.

Mostly Only Up! is a no-lose game. You can continue your endless explorations even if the main character falls off the stairs. Note that the stairs have different textures and spacing. You don't want the main character to fall too deep. Therefore, focus and observe the terrain carefully to have the most accurate navigation!

How To Play

  • Players use the WASD keys to navigate the character's direction.
  • Make the character run by holding down the Shift key.
  • Press the spacebar to jump up (double to make the higher jump.
  • Use the left and right arrows, or the mouse, to look around.
  • Press the number buttons from 1 to 5 to dance or emote.

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