Mine Cart Noob
Mine Cart Noob
Mine Cart Noob

Mine Cart Noob

Mine Cart Noob is a game about aligning thrusts and performing aerobatics to go the farthest distance. Players will control a character named Noob sitting on an automatic sled. Your goal is to maneuver the sled over floating obstacles and collect as many coins as possible. The game has simple graphics with familiar images but is still extremely new and attractive.

The Unique Features

  • Mine Cart Noob has simple yet challenging gameplay. The game requires players to have precise timing to create the strongest thrust. Next, learn how to perform aerial spins and create a stunning run.
  • Ultimate upgrade support. Starting from a normal character, gamers will perform consecutive jumps and slides to accumulate bonus coins. These coins will help you unlock features that will help Noob's journey be well supported. Use all the most advanced equipment to bring your character home!

How To Play

First, players should monitor the yellow thrust bar in the bottom corner of the screen. When the alignment is reasonable, click on the screen to let the character start moving. To rotate in the air, gamers continue to click on the arrow pointing left or right on the screen. Once Noob has landed, you won't be able to do anything but pray for a higher score than in the previous round.

Some tips for gamers

  • Upgrade the sled. Besides abilities such as speed tires and rockets, the sled is also an extremely important tool for your character. Therefore, upgrade as soon as you qualify.
  • Practice regularly. Of course, you won't be able to do it the best the first time. Be persistent to get impressive scores through outstanding progress!