Little Runmo
Little Runmo
Little Runmo

Little Runmo

Little Runmo is an endless running game set in a colorful cartoon world. Players will play the role of Runmo, a small and cute character, trying to find a way out of this strange land. You will have to face many other obstacles and dangers. The arduous challenges on the way home require players to have the most accurate and smart strategies.

Besides, the excitement of Little Runmo also lies in the appearance of a number of other characters. These are friends who help Runmo on his adventure to explore eight mysterious areas and find a way out. Areas in this game include:

  • The World Above
  • The World Below
  • Storage and the Race Against the Meatball Man
  • Life Factory
  • Morgue
  • Space and the battle against the god of the concept of life
  • King’s Hall
  • Inside the Temp King and Gastral Giveaway

The Connection with A YouTube Video

A popular YouTube video called “Little Runmo: A Short Film” was the inspiration for this exciting adventure game. In a simple and beautiful animated setting, the story is about an adorable creature trying to escape and get home. The characters and designs in the game are all similarly simulated in this original video. Therefore, this great connection has caused the game to attract a lot of interest in just a short time.

How To Play

Little Runmo will feature spikes, deep holes, dangerous traps, and aggressive enemies. Players control the character to perform various actions, such as a wall jump, dash, and double jump. The command keys in the game that you need to understand are:

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Hold the UP arrow: curl up and roll forward
  • X key: jump.
  • C key: leap forward after jumping.

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