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Just Up
Just Up

Just Up

Just Up! is a fun and challenging platform game for enthusiasts of the genre. With beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay, players also need to have top navigation skills to be able to participate in this journey. You will play a character living in a small city. Your mission is to climb platforms and avoid obstacles to reach the top. With fun and lively sounds, your gameplay becomes even more surreal thanks to the familiar images from life included in the game.

Just Up! has simple gameplay but is no less challenging. All you need to do is climb up the platforms floating in the air. Note that not all levels are the same. They have different shapes, states, and appearances, and they can even move. You will not lose when the character falls, but it will be regrettable when you are at an ideal height.

How To Play

  • Move the mouse to look around.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.

Some advice for games

  • Pay attention to your speed. Although it is timed, if you move too fast, you will easily fall down carelessly.
  • Besides, don't forget the obstacles, because they can also move to make things difficult for the character.
  • Look around carefully to analyze the terrain before jumping onto the next step.
  • Practice several times to get familiar with the main entity movements and terrain classifications.

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