Hair Challenge Rush
Hair Challenge Rush
Hair Challenge Rush

Hair Challenge Rush

Hair Challenge Rush will make you realize that having impressively long hair doesn't take too much time. Just go the distance and collect as many wigs as possible, and you will have beautiful long hair. However, the challenges in this exciting entertainment game don't stop there. Players will need to avoid saw blades that will cut off the character's hair. You wouldn't want a mistake to ruin your efforts.

Hair Challenge Rush has many levels of play with increasing difficulty. You unlock rounds in turn after successfully finishing the previous round. At the end, the length of your hair will determine your score. You can use these bonus coins to unlock new skins for your lovely girl character.

How To Play

Gamers hold down and move the mouse left or right to navigate the main character to either side of the main track.

Some advice for players

  • Focus more on the terrain than the colorful wigs. If a problem occurs, all your collection efforts will be in vain.
  • Don't move too much. Continuous entity navigation should only be applied in the case of evenly spaced, interwoven obstacles.
  • Watching a short ad can help you increase your bonus coins.

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