Fat Race 3D
Fat Race 3D
Fat Race 3D

Fat Race 3D

Fat Race 3D will take players into the role of a guy who can eat anything. Your main task is to collect all the food on the track and make it as big as possible. Obstacles like walls and other sumo wrestlers can reduce your items. Stay away from these dangers to have the best finish line. Because at the end, there is still an extremely formidable opponent waiting to challenge the character.

The items appearing on the route of Fat Race 3D are extremely diverse, from main dishes to desserts and even snacks. An experience of running and eating at the same time? Nothing is impossible with this entertaining game with extremely simple gameplay. Start testing your navigation skills now and become a hero in every arena.

How To Play

  • Instead of avoiding walls, you can completely destroy them. When loaded with a certain amount of food, your character can roll around to form a fireball with superhuman strength. Throw away everything that stands in your way to glory!
  • The theme of Fat Race 3D is extremely funny. It creates a fun atmosphere for hours of real entertainment. Forget about painful strategies and intense battles; now you can comfortably relax with easier options that are still extremely attractive.

Control the character

Gamers hold down and move the mouse left or right to navigate the character, moving to either side of the main track. When you meet the final opponent, continuously click on the screen for the character to attack, and hope you will win with your overwhelming body!

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