Count Alphabets Rush
Count Alphabets Rush
Count Alphabets Rush

Count Alphabets Rush

Count Alphabets Rush will take players to a road full of puzzles with calculations that need to be solved. However, you will not have to do math but rather choose the most beneficial block to increase the number of troops for your team. Playing as the original letter A, players take turns overcoming terrain with different objects such as blocks, colored bars, and obstacles.

  • Blocks will be of two main types: increasing or decreasing the number of entities. In case you must choose a subtraction or division operation, choose the smallest number possible, and vice versa.
  • The gradient bar will cause your characters to change color. You need to pay attention to this change to collect troops in large numbers in some segments. Only characters with the same color as the team can become team members.
  • Obstacles will be the factor that takes away members and causes you to lose if the characters eventually collide.

Mastering the features of each type of object will help you navigate more accurately. Besides, players still need to have sharp reflexes to be able to react promptly to some unexpected situations. Furthermore, you won't know how many characters you need to defeat the final boss. So, try to collect as many members as possible to increase your chances of winning.

How To Play

Players hold down and drag the mouse to control the characters to the right or left of the main track. At the end, the main objects will automatically perform actions, so you just need to hold the command key until the finish line.

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