Color Ball Run 2048
Color Ball Run 2048
Color Ball Run 2048

Color Ball Run 2048

Color Ball Run 2048 is a strategy game with the wisest navigation. The balls with numbers in combination order in the classic game 2048 will be a puzzle for each player. How can it be that when you reach the final score, the number on your ball is 2048? Besides, sharp fences are also ready to take away your points if you collide with them. Whether a small sphere or a valuable ball will accompany you to the finish line depends on the players’ ability to quickly analyze the situation.

Color Ball Run 2048 starts with a ball with the number 2. Once ready to locate the positions of other objects, gamers go on a trip with the ball rolling automatically. You will not be able to control the speed of the main entity. All that is possible is to quickly navigate the object according to a specific tactic to merge with balls of the same type.

The Unique Features

  • Combined properties. Players not only navigate the character in combination with balls of the same type but can also use the main entity itself as a push object. Any balls on the track with the same number can merge and form items of higher value.
  • Extremely tactical. Don't be impatient; gamers should look ahead at a section of the track before starting the game. This will help you get off to a more favorable start.
  • Color Ball Run 2048 also requires players to react quickly. Barbed fences are extremely dangerous, so they should be avoided as quickly as possible.

How To Play

You use the mouse to move the ball to the right or left of the main track. Don't be discouraged; practice more to get more positive results. Players can also redo the round by clicking on the closed arrow icon in the left corner of the screen.

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