Cat Runner
Cat Runner
Cat Runner

Cat Runner

Cat Runner is a street obstacle course game in a stunning 3D scene. Players will play the role of a cat, performing challenges on this difficult road. Obstacles on the street include vehicles, road barriers, and structures. Besides, try to control the character to collect as many gold coins as possible to unlock attractive features. In particular, on the road, sometimes a yellow swirl will appear. It will change the challenging terrain from streets to tracks, and vice versa.

The road in Cat Runner has no limits. Quests to collect special items such as kiwis, chocolates, cookies, and milk can be accumulated over multiple rounds. Besides, every day, it will have certain tasks and reward points for gamers when completed. Furthermore, some abilities will also appear that give the entity additional power, such as the hoverbike, the hoverboard, and the jetpunk. These devices, along with other character creations, can be exchanged for coins at the game's store.

How To Play

The character in Cat Runner will automatically run forward. Players direct the character to perform a number of actions to avoid obstacles and collect items using the following command keys:

  • UP arrow: to jump up.
  • DOWN arrow: to slide down.
  • LEFT arrow: run to the left side.
  • RIGHT arrow: run to the right side.

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