Candy Rush 3D
Candy Rush 3D
Candy Rush 3D

Candy Rush 3D

Children love candy and in Candy Rush 3D, you will enjoy a world made of candy and different sweets. Players can choose one of two boy and girl characters to start the journey. Run on a path with obstacles and different candies to satisfy your candy craving. Follow the game's instructions when encountering obstacles to avoid crashing into obstacle blocks. They can be anything but candy so be careful with every move. If you accidentally crash into something and have to end the game, remember that you can use lollipops to revive your game. But if you run out, you will have to start again from zero. Don't lose concentration, jump to collect precious candies and enjoy this lovely game.

How To Play

Use arrow keys to play: 

  • UP arrow to jump
  • DOWN arrow to slide
  • LEFT arrow to turn left
  • RIGHT arrow to turn right

Helpful Items

  • Magnet: collect candy automatically from all path in specific amount of time
  • Lollipop: each time you hit an obstacle, you can use 2 lollipops to continue the game
  • Chocolate candy: get 100 stars
  • Rocket: get 1500 stars and players can go through everything on their way, but it is only available for 10 seconds
  • Blue candy: invisible for 10 seconds

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