Ball Throw Fight
Ball Throw Fight
Ball Throw Fight

Ball Throw Fight

Ball Throw Fight is a fighting game with simple but extremely attractive gameplay. You will play a small character, appearing on a small island with countless monsters. Don't worry, because the images in this game are all very adorable. Therefore, the game can be recommended for all ages to participate in the challenge. Your goal is to defeat all the monsters to win and open a new round.

So, what are the weapons in Ball Throw Fight? Not powerful guns nor flexible sticks - what helps you take down enemies is a ball. As ridiculous as it sounds, balls created from the island's ground will have the power of a fireball. You can roll monsters into balls or push them back into this powerful "weapon". Every object that appears on the island can be collected, which strengthens the character's land block.

How To Play

  • Land ball rolling and shooting feature. Players control the character to move around the terrain to form a powerful ball of destruction. Then, unleash this ball of fury to knock down the monsters, send them flying, and score points.
  • Unlock tons of customizations for your character and sphere.
  • Conquer challenging levels and progress through diverse locations. In each world, there will be herds of monsters with unique characteristics.
  • Receive daily rewards by checking attendance at the calendar icon.

Maneuver the character

Gamers use the mouse to maneuver the character to perform various actions, such as creating blocks, rolling balls, and throwing fireballs forward. Hold down and move the mouse to navigate, and release your finger to let the main entity attack the enemy.

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