Ball Legs 3D
Ball Legs 3D
Ball Legs 3D

Ball Legs 3D

Ball Legs 3D is a racing game with fun and humorous movements by the characters. Playing as a ball, it's strange that your entity not only rolls around but also has legs to move. Race tracks are not only a test of speed but also of the drivers' strategy.

The terrain will not be flat, and there will also be obstacles blocking your character's progress. Although it does not cause the round to end immediately, it will affect the finishing time. If players cannot become the first to reach the finish line, you will lose. In addition, you can use the accumulated bonus points to change the look of your main character.

The Stunning Gameplay

The gameplay and rules of Ball Legs 3D are extremely simple. First, your character will start in a rolling ball state. Each different terrain will require a transformation to be traversable. Yes, this is where the feet come into play.

For slopes, there will usually be no obstructions above the main feature. At that time, activate foot-running mode to move faster. Until encountering terrain that narrows the range of movement, gamers need to let the ball automatically roll to pass. Remember that only the champion has the right to move on to the next level with more difficult races.

How To Play

Your character will automatically move in the direction of the track. You hold down the left-click to use the foot-running feature. If you want to stop this mode, just release your finger from the button.