Ball 2048!
Ball 2048!
Ball 2048!

Ball 2048!

Ball 2048 is a game that collects items in an attractive way with top ball-rolling strategies. Players move the entity to touch balls with the same number to merge them into larger numbers and shapes. Gamers successfully bring the entity to the finish line to unlock the next levels. However, on the track, there will be sharp obstacles that cause the object to lose points. Each collision will halve the size of the sphere, equivalent to the number on it also halving.

Ball 2048 rates your round with three stars. Players finish with ball number 1024 or higher to receive full stars. There is a note that can help you achieve high numbers even if the track is not available. Gamers navigate the main object to touch other balls with the same numbers together to merge and collect. This way, players can reach the number 2048 without having to collect each ball one by one.

How To Play

The rolling speed of the ball will be automatic:

  • Gamers control this main entity by moving to either side of the track to collect items and avoid obstacles.
  • Note that if adjusted too much, the main object may fly off the main track, and players will lose immediately.
  • Another note is that the two horizontal bars connecting the main terrain are also placed at different distances.
  • If the main entity is not large enough to pass this distance, it will fall into the water, and the round will end.

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